Friday 2 August 2013

Tuesday 9 July 2013

New Timmion LP and 45

Couple of Timmion Bangers dropped into the deli this morning...

Sensualites Unlimited – Sweet Blow (Timmion 7" Single)

A dusty saxy summer smoker that sounds like it was sandblasted on to tape, the distortion on bass and drums is gorgeous.  I must finish my decking so i can listen to this with a cigar and sangria whilst enjoying that rare beast, a Scottish sunset.

Myron & E (Stones Throw LP)

Soon as the first track opened so delicately into such a great warm vocal i was hooked . Post Hip-Hop 60s influenced soul the right way. Drums and guitar work worthy of any of the classic 60s studios while Myron & E dreamily cruise along charming everyone with  their relaxed honest vocal. I was sold on the first listen, the CD is going in the car and the vinyl will be getting front room status. L.P of the summer, the kind of music i want my children growing up listening to.

Friday 1 July 2011

Friday 17 June 2011

Out there and back again

Out on the line track that i like and will play.

Vida Nova - Te Caliente
Eddie Russ - See the Light
Dolly Gilmore - Sweet Baby
Jessie Gould - Out of Work
Ripple - Be My Friend
Sweet Mixture - House of Fun and Love

Recovery Records when you play to many out on the line records

T-Connection Do What You Wanna Do (Dash) Sure Fire Recovery
Rare Function - Disco Function (Soul Unlimited)
Fredrick Hymes III- Time Aint Gonna Do Me No Favours (Fab Vegas) - Famous to kids in edinburgh, known as the "Time Time Time Song" always worked.
Harold Melvin - Prayin' (source) Has to be the 45 with intro

And the rare record that recovers the dancefloor itself just as the crowd are losing interest.

Gil Scott-Heron - The bottle (arista demo 12")

Wednesday 1 June 2011

New Timmion Deep Jazzer


Feeling Side 2 (later in clip)

Fierce Vocal Talent

Fierce talent, you can't learn it. Genre is irrelevant, its not up for debate.

Thursday 17 February 2011

New Quality Reissue - The Fabulous Fugitives

This reissue sounds better than an O.G, well worth picking up. - Fryer

Fabulous Fugitives featuring Michael Sharkey is a rare doubler A sider containing two awesome deep funk cuts from this Memphis, Tennessee group. Originally it was released in 1973 on the J’Ace label owned by local gospel record label owner Style Wooten. The group only put out one 45 and the orginal masters have long since been destroyed as far as we know. The A side, “What the World Needs” is a politically charged funk bomb. The flip side, “You Made Me Cry” is a more straight forward funk track with plenty of fat drum fills.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Thursday 3 February 2011


I really rate this one, the b-side is also amazing. You have got to love the trippy imagery. Press release below....

Limited edition of 500 copies of 7" vinyl


Guest Villains is a wild instrumental combo consisting of sax, organ, guitar, bass, drums and percussions. Their sound is pure unadulterated sleaze! This single, their very first 7” release is an essential piece of vinyl filth.

“Tornado“ is a frantic surf instrumental, complete with dirty lustful saxophone, twangy surf guitars and overly echoed percussion breaks. This ferocious shaker is stereotypical “tittyshaker”. It sounds like it could have been lifted straight out of a raunchy Russ Meyer flick, you can almost hear the swooshing pasties as they spin to this one!

"Forbidden Feelings" contains a filthy saxophone melody that just oozes with the promise of sin, this one will get the windows steamed up for sure. The orgastic ending of the song makes you want to have more, more, more…

Thursday 20 January 2011

Wee - 4 tracks on 45 for the first time.

Soul7.021 Wee - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane by djfryer

Soul7 20
Wee -  I Luv You
Wee - I Want to Show You
Soul7 21
Wee - Try Me (Album version)
Wee - You Can Fly On My Aeroplane (LP Edit)

Tuesday 18 January 2011

Shiptown Label Shame: Passing Repress off as Originals

Barbara Stant - Real Man and
Barbara Stant - My Mind Holds On To Yestersday

There are two pressing which are new being sold as originals at high prices without informing customers they are represses.  Please check your copies deadwax against the United matrix number below if you bought it in the last year if they match you were ripped off. Very sad, a real black mark on the legacy of a great label. You can also spot the repress as it has a very orange label with very dark text, the originals (pictured) look faded. Also they sound like shit, mastered from a 128kbs mp3 on a biscuit tin.

Barbara Stant - 'Real Man' (shiptown) United Records pressing number 63709 - January 2010
Barbara Stant - 'My mind holds on to yesterday' (shoptown) United Records pressing number 63895- March 2010

The pressing dates have been confirmed by united who agree it was misleading, you may repeat them if you like:

Saturday 15 January 2011

Kings Go Forth, Jazz Cafe 13/01/2011 -

Kings Go Forth Live at Jazz Cafe doing a cover over Elipsis - People (which you can get on my soul spectrum label), go buy their album, it's on David Byrne's Luaka Bop label, its very good.



Thursday 22 April 2010

fryers 15 min edits #1 : Danny Hunt - Whats Happening To Our Love Affair

fryers 15 min edits (for your seratos) - Danny Hunt - Whats Happening To Our Love Affair - sorry about the sound shit styrene pressing, was a mint copy.


Friday 16 April 2010

New Discovery of The Year (accepting someone somewhere already knows it)

Massive genre defying psyche funk soul masterpiece thats gonna blow up like fuck over the next 12 months. Currently being covered up by 4 the dj's i know that have it in the uk. batter it so be prepared for....

Waymond Hall - Children Of The World CU